My youngest son JJ started having night tremors. I kept praying for peace and comfort for his little body, but it seemed to be getting worse. I "bumped" into Megan ? who explained what Best Friend Blankets is all about. It reminded me of swaddling my baby as an infant to help him feel secure. I knew immediately that it would work. She created & designed a baseball theme blanket specifically for my son. At first he was uncomfortable, but we were persistent, and soon he was sleeping through the night. The blanket has since been placed on a shelf as his tremors have almost ceased, but he still brings it along on outings, sleepovers and vacations. And, although I have asked him repeatedly if he is ready to pass on his "peaceful blanket" to his little cousin, he reminds me that he will know when it is time, and "it just isn't time yet, Mom!" - Roberta G.

"The result was amazing I never felt that calm before and well rested." - Natalie B. age 16

The blanket is great. I know my daughter sleeps better i.e. falls asleep faster, and sleeps deeper. Also, with SDP (sensory processing disorder) it calms her, helps her connect back in her body! We are sooo happy we found you guys! Thanks so much!!!! - Susan B.

I have bought two items from Best Friend Blankets and I love them both! The quality is superb. I purchased a lap blanket for my grand-daughter and a blanket for her younger sister. Both have benefited greatly from their blankets. Megan you are a joy to work with! - Lynda F.

From the day you personally delivered it in the beautifully wrapped box, my daughter has used her blanket every night. She says it helps her sleep. We even repainted and redesigned her room around her blanket. She was so proud to have had input in designing it. The quilt is stylish and the quality of the stitching and material is greater than I expected. When I wake her up for school, I always climb under the quilt with her for a few minutes and it is so amazingly comfortable. It makes me want one for myself. Thank you for helping us on our therapy journey! - Karen H.